Sprocketman, Sydney’s own mobile bicycle mechanic, wanted to find new ways to engage with customers and leave them with a little reminder for any future jobs, so we helped  design some new business cards. Since then the business has been thriving and we are already in talks of how we are going to plan to build his community and image through online social platforms.


Friends Of Friends

Friends Of Friends is one of the new upcoming event companies based in Sydney giving friends the chance to network amongst each others circles and create new bonds and relationships. Already  having hosted their events at some of the cities exclusive venues this is one party your not going to want to miss the invite for! After the first party turned out a massive sell out, their was only one thing left to do to keep the brand alive and in the forefront of peoples minds create an account and start sharing photos on  Instagram. Catch all the fun and highlights here


Alannah Browne Organic Coconut Scrub

guydaviesphotographer_AlannahBrowne_036_HiRes (1)

Alannah Browne is an all natural organic body scrub that not only exfoliates but moisturises. This all in one luxury product is more then just another beauty line, it represents a positive female image both physically, spiritually and mentally . With an impressive following already on social media, we were more than happy to be apart of building their audience and helping give them an identity and voice and help manage their social media. Alannah Browne continues to grow, and every day overcomes another milestone.


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