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Smart phone with map and geolocation. 3d rendering image with clipping path

With geo location becoming the new in demand currency for marketing and Snap fighting its way to be the front runner, we knew it was not going to be long before Facebook dropped another update on us. As of August 11th Facebook introduced a new retargeting mechanic for customers that have visited a store. A recent article explains how the social media giant will be able to create customised audience groups of these visitors. This will no doubt boost the already advanced filtering systems that the platform has and allow businesses to serve ads to the newly customised audience groups across both Instagram and Facebook. This new targeting is predicted to increase the amount of retail businesses that are on Facebook as it makes its self one step closer with its ability to target across cross channel platforms. Its still very early days but we are excited none the less to see how this plays out.

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Well my last post accurately sums up as to why I have not been on here in quite some time. Three months to be exact! And boy have things moved in the world of tech. Snap is coming under some hard competition as Google now tries to replicate Discover with their own version being called STAMP. Apple has released yet another phone which makes me consider the possibility that my Iphone is now on the verge of entering the prehistoric era and Elon Musk has proven to world once again why he is the greatest innovator of all time. But now to something of value and importance to you all. Most people these days that have a business or company have a social media following whether its on IG, FB or Snap. But the real issue is how does one turn those likes into revenue ? Keep reading on and I will share this trick of the trade with you.

Having a big following on social media is great for your ego and can really help boost your brand awareness. But unless your engaging with this said audience and creating personalised valuable content all they really are is just another number. The age old expression quality over quantity comes to mind. Which is why its time to dig deep and really give those followers something worth talking about!

But before we go on let me just be clear that this is not a scam to get them to buy your 40 Steps on How to Build a Business or 8 sure Ways to Get Rich Quick. I am talking about proper devoted time getting to know your audience and what they are looking for in your social channel (this may take you a while). Once you feel confident you know your audience then make a video channel.

With an estimated growth of users four times more likely to watch video content you have a strong chance of breaking through all the noise and gaining their attention. They do follow you for a reason after all. After serving up a series of videos to help break the ice and welcome them into this new part of your business its time to  simply ask for them to subscribe. Don’t make it feel like a sales pitch, make it more of an invitation to get to know you and become apart of your business journey. Once they agree you can start to tailor your content to suit each audience bucket through a variety of videos. Everything from unboxing a product to How To videos are great platforms to start with. In the world of marketing and business subscribes are far more valuable then likes and follows.

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Trying to work productively can be tricky when we have so many distractions around us, from mobile apps to our favourite websites even spending hours surfing around on Facebook all build up and take away valuable time which should be spent else where. But fear not we have found the solution to the problem and it does not involve any drastic measures. Cold Turkey a software program designed to temporarily block distractions could be the answer. Download it now from the link we provided and see if your productivity levels increase. If you have a trick that you like to use please share it with us on Twitter.

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Facebook dark posts are a vital tool that any digital marketer or business can use, they allow you to advertise without alienating or disrupting your followers or their news feed. Being relatively easy to set up and able to measure analytics this overlooked tool is a valuable asset to any marketing strategy or plan . Take a look at this page that we sourced from the team at sprout social that runs you through how to create and measure your own Facebook dark post and get posting today.

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Last week we did an #instahack and got such a massive positive response that today I thought I would share with you another great hack we know. With twitter still remaining as one the biggest platforms for instant messaging we thought it was only appropriate that we shared this with you. Say your a business that has a Facebook page with an average following but you engage a lot on twitter with your customer base or fans. Well thanks to the legends at woobox you can now have your very own twitter feed on your Facebook page its as simple as a free sign up and click of a button.

Step 1. Go to woobox website

Step 2. Click on the static posts tab at the top of the page

Step 3. Create new tab (Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest)

Step 4. Select Twitter the tab (Login)

Step 5. Link to Facebook account

Step 6. Enjoy

If you think this hack is worth sharing with a friend please do and let us know 🙂

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Recently I caught up with a group  of friends over dinner, about half way through our meal the conversation of classic silent films and actors a rose. I excitedly started to talk about the great pioneers like Charlie Chaplin, Buster Keaton and Laurel & Hardy and explained how their techniques were some of the most innovative  ways in communicating emotion through story and body language and how the camera techniques played such a big role. I continued to eat my meal and then George mentioned he would like to build his presence online and wondered how he would go about it? I jumped in on this chance and explained that he should go and do a workshop on camera techniques and then start creating video content in his local business he could do interviews, funny videos, serious videos and maybe even bring back some of the silent comedy we both shared a passion for. One of the great things I love about marketing is that it is so adaptable to any sort of occasion. You think of any skill, hobby or talent and I will show you a way it can be incorporated.

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Iphone Instagram


At Media-Linc we love a good hack and recently we stumbled across this beauty, that lets you see what is trending in any local suburb or post code or global destination. The opportunities that this opens for any tech savvy marketer is endless and we strongly encourage you to use it to help connect with your audience and build an influencer group.

Step One: Open Instagram.
Step Two: Click the search icon.
Step Three: Type in the postcode of the place you want to look for.
Step Four: Click the Places tab
Step Five: Enjoy and Share

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Job Searching

Its never easy changing careers in the work industry, we tend to find ourselves in a job during the early stages of life and stay in that position for several years, we become complacent going and working the 9-5 routine.

So when the time comes for us to move on and venture out and seek our true passion its going to be a journey of ups and downs but sometimes its the best decision you could make. “Oh god, what have I done?” as you remind yourself of the gruelling process of job interviews. A few simple tricks that will keep your confidence up and help you make a smooth transition from one job to the next during this time frame can be found here. So what are you waiting for !!! Make that move

credit: iknowho

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Boy shopping at supermarket with mobile phone

 The QR code or Quick Response Code is a image of what appears to look like a barcode.

Screen Shot 2017-03-29 at 1.54.02 pm

When placing a smart phone above the code this jumble of blocks brings to life whatever the call to action is. It could be anything from unlocking a video or redirecting you to a website. QR codes have been used in marketing for several years since the 90’s but have not really hit a peak in Australia yet, which means its the perfect opportunity to give your next marketing campaign an exciting twist imagine (a treasure hunt through a city to win a grand prize!!!) Here are a few creative examples and the benefits that using a QR code could do for your brand.

Click here for examples 

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Computer SEO website

Websites are such an important part of any business, when you see an advertisement on a billboard or in a magazine and have never heard of the brand before. The first thing that we do is Google or search the web to learn more. Having a good website that is clean and easy to navigate for the user leaves them with a positive impression of your brand, and begins the path to building a loyal customer. To ensure that you are presenting yourself or brand in the best possible way here are a few key steps to keep in mind.

Good titles, Descriptions and Keywords

When your page pops up on Google you only get a few words to capture the audience make sure that it stands out.


Creating a good set of backlinks not only helps boost your site on the Google search engine but allows you to have a wider reach. Linking content to the website will give your page more traction.

Make it relatable

With so much content on the website sometimes we can feel overwhelmed with the amount of information we are consuming, as too does the search engines. By keeping your content relatable you can increase the chances of being picked up and placed in the top suggested websites.

Website search behaviour its a tricky task to juggle but when done right the rewards are great, however if you break the rules you will be penalised which can be detrimental to your brand and search history. So the best tip we can give is stay on top of everything make sure your up to date and well rehearsed across the rules of Google.

Thank You 🙂


Screen Shot 2017-03-15 at 11.58.28 am.png

As the digital marketing era continues to grow so do the opportunities from brands to recruit  influencer marketing. However when booking  a job with an influencer it is important that you remain on track and communicate these four key steps to ensure that you both get the best outcome.

Step One : What is your goal ?

Influencer marketing can drive followers to the clients brand and create new engagement for yourself, so how are you going to create value and continue to grow once the campaign has come to an end?  Set yourself a goal, prfioritize and go after it!

Step Two: Finding your talent

When it comes to finding influencers there is no shortage, step two is where you recruit your team, research forums, blogs, written articles, Linkedin profiles, youtube channels you get the hang of it, find the top ten that stick out to you and that you can see working with your brand.

Step Three: Its about quality not quantity 

So you have your campaign and now it is time narrow down the choices. You  find that Katie has 1.2K followers and posts some amazing pictures of food, however after taking a closer look their is very little engagement and you can’t see your brand creating a personal connection with her. Then you continue to scroll through and find Mike who also takes photos of food but every time he does there is an action figure on the table in the background and although he only has a following of 940 the level of engagement is almost triple what Katie has and he has already spoken about one of your competitors. Now you need to ask yourself what is more important eyes or engagement ?

*Depending on your brand this may vary.

Step Four: It is still a business 

Don’t be mistaken although the influencer that you choose to go with my have a profile or website that looks like all they do is live life on tropical islands, eating out at fancy restaurants, they are running a business and your relationship needs to be professional.

Reach out to them in a professional manner (not with a template that has been used several times before)

Discuss clear guidelines and expectations and..

Give them creative freedom, remember you picked them for a reason.

We would love to hear about some of your successful or failed attempts with influencer marketing on Twitter @LinkTapsell

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Screen Shot 2017-03-16 at 3.26.31 pm.png

Video marketing is becoming more mainstream, and with the ability to humanise a brand or give the consumer a different perspective its no wonder agencies/companies are are jumping on this trend. Creating one of kind visuals that tell a story are a great way to help ensure that your video is shared on social platforms helping create brand awareness. Video marketing can create some amazing value for your customers/viewers and has an impressively good ROI (Return Of Investment).

For example

Including a video on your homepage can increase conversions by 80%.

After watching a video 64% of viewers are more likely to buy online products.

Its rated as one of the top 3 social media marketing tactics

With so many different social platforms  where you can show your video content it should be priority to have video marketing as part of your strategy.As the big brands adapt to this going market you can expect to see more wonderful and creative collaborations with video marketers. Here are the top 3 from our staff picks.

Casey Neistat

Rory Kramer


Thank You 🙂

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